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// Cognizant Podcast

A podcast for anyone wanting to learn more about mental health and all of the various philosophies and modalities that help provide healing. Each episode will feature a local Treasure Coast professional talking about their area of expertise. 

If your device supports it, you can listen to all my episodes of Cognizant right here on the website! Otherwise, feel free to follow the iTunes or Soundcloud links below to listen to all of my episodes.


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  • SoundCloud - White Circle


// Episode List

Episode 0: Introduction to Cognizant

Episode 1: Equine Assisted Therapy

Episode 2: Psychodrama

Episode 3: Substance Abuse

Episode 4: Adventure Therapy

Episode 5: Sex Therapy

Episode 6: Metaphysical Healing in Psychotherapy

Episode 7: Essential Oils

Episode 8: Hypnosis

Episode 9: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Episode 10: Trauma-Informed Yoga

Episode 11: Salt Therapy / Halotherapy

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