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Supplement List

All research published here is for informational purposes only. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained here and review it with their care provider. This is not medical advice and therefore, all readers should consult with their care provider prior to taking supplements. 

// St John's Wort

   St John's Wort is a flowering shrub that native to Europe and is available as a supplement in teas,       liquids, tablets and topical preparations.

// Uses

    Depression, Menopausal symptoms, and Somatic symptom disorder. 1

// Safety

    SJW can interact with a variety of medications and limit the effects of other supplements. 2

    SJW has not been studied in depth to determine possible negative effects while pregnant or 
     breastfeeding and is therefore not recommend in those instances. 3

// GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid)

   GABA is an amino acid initially discovered in plants. It exists naturally in many foods such as                 tomatoes and soybeans. As a supplement, it is available in liquids, tables, and topical           

   preparations. 4

// Uses

    Stress and Anxiety, Sleep Aid, Lowering Blood Pressure, Epilepsy. 5

// Safety

    GABA can interact with blood pressure medications.

    GABA has not been studied in depth to determine possible negative effects while pregnant or 
     breastfeeding and is therefore not recommend in those instances. 

// SAMe

    SAMe is a compound found naturally in the body that helps regulate hormones. It is available as 

    a supplement in tablets, muscular injection, and IV.  6

// Uses

    Anxiety, Depression, Osteoarthritis. 7

// Safety

    SAMe can interact with medications especially anti-depressants. 

    Sufficient studies have not been done on the safety of SAMe as a supplement in pregnancy. The 

      same is true for breastfeeding. However, using Sam-e while breastfeeding would not be   

      expected to cause any adverse reactions especially when the infant is older than two months. 8

// Kava

    Kava is a plant native to the pacific islands. It is available as a supplement in powder, tablets, and 

    liquid preparations. 

// Uses

    Anxiety, Muscular Relaxation, Pain. 9

// Safety

    Kava can interact majorly with Xanax and sedative medications. 10

    Research has shown that Kava is effective at treating anxiety short-term. Use over eight weeks

      could cause liver damage. However, the main side effect reported in one study was headache. 11

        Due to insufficient evidence and possible liver damage, Kava is not considered safe for

      pregnancy or breastfeeding.

// Passion Flower
    Passion Flower is a flowering vine found in parts of North America and South America. As a supplement      is available in powder, capsules, and liquid preparations. 12

// Uses
    Anxiety, Sleep Aid. 

// Safety
    Passion flower can interact with medications.
    Passion flower extract seems to be effective for managing general anxiety and giving short-term
      sleep benefits without serious side effects. 13 14
      No studies exist for safety during pregnancy or for breastfeeding. 


// Placenta Encapsulation
    Placenta Encapsulation is done by dehydrating a placenta, grinding it, and placing it into capsules to          be consumed orally. Some consume the placenta raw. The person who births the placenta is usually     
    the only one who consumes it.

// Uses
    Postpartum Depression, Iron Supplement.

// Safety
    Placenta Capsules have not been found to contain large, or toxic amounts of anything. 15
    A study from 2016 showed that placenta capsules can contain around fifteen different hormones and        a modest amount of iron and minerals. 16 17
      No studies exist for safety during pregnancy or for breastfeeding. However, many believe that the ,              hormones in the capsules can increase milk supply.


// Omega 3
    Omega-3 fatty acids are found in food, such as fish, and as a supplement available in capsules.

// Uses
    Heart Health,, Eye Health, Brain Health, Depression & Anxiety.

// Safety


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