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Elevated Motherhood

Online Course for Moms

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Course Total: $40​​​​

Welcome to this awesome course! It's not super scary and demanding. It IS powerful and will inspire you to look deeper into yourself. 

MOTHERHOOD! What a crazy life shift.  Motherhood can transition your identity in a way that creates a lost sense of self. I mean, come on, you literally must prioritize someone else's life. Their safety depends on you! That's a legit identity crisis. It's like you are moving through life task by task versus living in a way that feels connected to a truer version of yourself. This course is a perfect way to journey inward to rediscover yourself.

This is a four week course that will unfold with 6 new initiatives each week. Each week has 6 different sections: Settle, Seek, Connect, Identify, Speak, and Learn. Each section helps elicit reflections in various ways all the while igniting a stronger sense of self and understanding of how you are showing up in the world. 

There isn't much reading or watching required for this course. It's designed to be self-guided but also paced with weekly unlocking of the new initiatives. The content is delivered in a quick, easy to digest way to help you focus on the activities versus the need (or obligation) to consume.

As with all things motherhood, this course is adaptable and not rigid. So, it fits perfectly for all lifestyles. 

6 Sections of Elevated Motherhood

// Connect: This section is all about connection.

// Seek: This section will give some directives on seeking certain elements in the world. These initiatives will provide some mental mapping and ways of seeing your life. 

// Settle: This will be meditation focused activities. The idea is to provide you with a variety of initiatives and techniques to help you learn to settle yourself (and possibly others). 
Connection between mind and body. Connection between yourself and people. Connection between ideas. 

// Identify: This section relates to focused thought. You will be given directives to identify certain elements in hopes 
establishing some firmer parts of yourself. This section will often directly relate to your values. 

// Speak: It's not just what we say with our mouth but what we say with our body. This section is all about language shaping. 

// Learn: From therapy philosophies to “need to know” authors, this section will be education focused. 

This started as an "at home retreat" that I would email to my clients as a way to stay focused and continue exploration between our sessions. After a year of running this program with my clients in a more casual way via email, I decided to turn in into an

This is a gentle course designed with motherhood in mind. From new mothers to experienced mothers, this a place to practice self-love and be intentional with emotional exploration. 
e-course to make it more accessible for women who may not have an established relationship with a therapist. This is in no way a substitute for therapy. In fact, during this course you may stumble upon some prickly feeling things that will likely be incredibly healing to explore in a therapy session. This is a course that you can do alongside work you are doing in therapy, or as a standalone course. 

Many individuals who decide to journey through this course may not feel lost at all. Many just may be looking for guided learning or ways to affirm an existing and strong identity or sense of self. 



// 4 weeks of self-guided initiatives released one week at a time

// Links to bonus content and added resources to enhance activities if desired

// Easily modified initiatives

// Mixed media content delivery to allow for multiple learning styles (video, audio, and written)


Course Total: $40​​​​

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