Nature Based Therapy

1 hour sessions $100

Nature based sessions mirror office sessions and will last for 60 minutes. Location will be determined a head of time and will be chosen based on needs for the session, proximity to office, and weather.

I have several parks within 10 minutes from my office that I use frequently, but on certain days of the month, I will be at locations further away. Any sessions booked on that day will take place at that location.

First time visits take place in the office.

Family/Group Adventure Session $250+

Occasionally a 1 hour session is too short and family's crave a more dynamic session. These sessions are typically 2-3 hours and can take place on land or water. This allows for various initiatives and processing time. 

These are very individualized and can be really powerful for families going through transitions or families who struggle with the hour a week session routine of traditional psychotherapy. 

If you are currently working with another therapist and want our work together to be exclusively adventure work, I am happy to consult with your primary therapist to allow for more integrative care. 

Number of family/group members and equipment needed (kayaks, etc) will impact pricing.