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Psychedelic Services

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine + Psychotherapy is a powerful combination to help welcome deep soulful insight in a safe therapeutic setting. 

After meeting with a medical provider and obtaining medical clearance and a Ketamine prescription, we can meet and start to prepare for a medicine session. 

We start with preparation sessions to get to know your intention and to build rapport and safety. 

Medicine sessions, usually with sublingual or intranasal Ketamine, last 2-3 hours and include some immediate integration. 

We will then have a session dedicated to integrating the wisdom of the medicine. 

If  you are curious if this is a good fit for you, reach out for a 15 minute consultation. I can provide additional information and resources, including a medical referral. 


During this Psychedelic Renaissance so many souls are finding their way to abundant wisdom of plant medicine. If you are planning a journey, I am happy to help with the integration of the wisdom from the plant medicine. Currently the only legal psychedelic is Ketamine and you can find various clinics that provide this service. 

Preparation session will be focused on internal preparation including discussion of set and setting, ceremony crafting, intention setting, etc. This session should be scheduled 3 days to 2 weeks before plant medicine experience. 

Integration session occurs 24-48 hours after plant medicine experience. This session will be landing space for wisdom and messages that arrive from a plant medicine journey. 

Each session is $135. More than two may be recommended. I am not able to help source plant medicine. I am not able to sit your trip. 

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