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Rituals and Ceremony

Rituals are a prescribed or established rite, ceremony, proceeding, or service. The standard ritual session is about 90 minutes long and is designed to individuals and/or groups/ the rituals can also be adapted to be a part of another event (wedding/funeral), but they are equally powerful as stand-alone sessions. Sessions are not associated with any specific religion but instead honors the spiritual journey that is observed by each participant. 

I work with you to craft a meaningful ceremony and help you move through this important life moment. Below are some examples.

Pricing starts at $150 per session.

Elevated Motherhood

// Sun Setting Ritual 

// Honor/Loss

Grief is hard. It's complicated and messy and sometimes you just fumble through it. During this ritual, we create space for the loss and honor through story-telling and reflection. We invite a natural tone of sadness that often accompanies grief, yet we maintain the notion of moving through the feeling of loss.


// Phoenix Ritual  

// Transition/Accomplishment

Change is inevitable and sometimes welcomed. What better way to acknowledge the transition than by ceremony. This is a personalized ceremony to your individual transition or accomplishment where you have an opportunity to straddle the line of the present by reflecting on what was and setting intentions for what will be.


// Restoration Ritual 

// For Healing

Whether emotional or physical, pain has a way of wearing down the spirit. This ritual session serves to help heal the spirit by utilizing elements of touch, music, and the natural world, all while helping the individual create/practice their own mantra for healing.


// Blessingway Ritual  

// Honoring Mother To Be

To Love on the Mother is to Love on the child. This ritual is intended for pregnant women and is designed to help the soon to be birthing momma feel loved and confident in her birthing/mother abilities. During this ritual we spend time “blessing” the mother with “gifts” and we all engage in nurturing behaviors. This ritual is most powerful in a group setting. 


// Love Ritual  

// Marriage

Historically, displays of Love come in many forms. The intention of this ritual session is to create a space for the love that exists between two people and to honor it and demonstrate nurturing behaviors to help it grow. This is symbolic of union or just an outpouring of intimate connection. The option to engage in this ritual with the intended outcome of a legal marriage is a possibility. I am a wedding officiant. Click here to find out more. 

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