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// Women In Nature
// A monthly gathering for moms focused on connecting with nature, each other, and themselves. 

A group hosted by myself and Kendra Hunter.

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Women in Nature is a nature-based gathering for women seeking further connection. The groups will be small and will meet at a specific time each month for 90 minutes. Each group will have a different focus relevant to common themes of motherhood. 


All gatherings will include an experiential activity, mindfulness components, solo reflection times, and space for processing. 


This is a moms-only event. A space for moms to be present and focused on self. 


The gathering will be gentle and inclusive with a goal of creating a safe and sacred space for mothers of all varieties to care for each other and care for self. 

The upcoming session of Women in Nature will be 4 months long and will start meeting in March. 


**All gatherings will take place in a park or area local to St Lucie County. The location will vary and will be communicated via email to all registrants prior to the event. 


Kendra Anchor

Kendra Hunter is a local mom of two young boys, a play-based nature educator and former college administrator who found her way to South Florida in 2014. She received her B.A. in International Studies from Berry College in 2000 and her M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University in 2008. She is growing to love Florida and appreciate all of its outdoor opportunities. She can't wait to share her love of nature with the moms in our area.

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